Sunday, 24 April 2016


Well hello there darlings... 

I know, I know... I have been quite quiet and broke my promise. 

In the last post (which was over 6 months) I promised lots of new posts, quotes and recipes... instead you got nothing. So firstly, I would like to apologise. It's 6 very busy months for me. I have gone through some though time and even moved a house. I am not a happy member of the Haworth community. 

So unfortunately, I didn't have any time to write, but don't worry I've also busy re-searching and trying new recipes and challenges. 

Also, I have discovered a very painful way that I have IBS and great digestion troubles. This prompted to re-searched and try many different vegan, non-dairy, gluten-free and sugar-free recipes. If I do not want to be in pain, I have to take my healthy lifestyle to a new level. 

And since the summer is approaching.. and a recent experience as a bridesmaid informed that I have put quite a bit of weigh on, I have decided to join the girls of TONE IT UP - Karena & Katrina & their community - in the BIKINI SERIES 2016

The BIKINI SERIES by Tone It Up is a 8-week challenge which should help you find a happier, healthier version of you and prepare for the dreaded first moment on the beach. I have been meaning to try this for past couple of years, as I am a member of the TIU community, but never stuck to it. But this time is different. I am determined to work hard all the way through the 8 week and hopefully achieve my set goals. 

K+K make it quite easy for you. After you register your interest, they send you a PDF with all the full program for next 8 weeks. It includes meal plans, shopping lists, exercise plans & recipes. And every thursday they'll send you an email with a brand new shopping list for the following week so you can make sure you have everything you need. Sundays are the days to prepare everything - lunches & dinners - for the following week. Exercise wise you have two options - either you can purchase the newest Beach Babe 4 workout program or you can follow the weekly schedule published on the . 

K+K recommend you take a picture before you start the challenge and measurements so can monitor your progress. 

I am quite excited about this challenge. I cannot wait to see if it works and see my own #TIUtransformation !! 

Starting tomorrow - APRIL 25th 2016. It's time to get healthy & bikini ready. 

In the meantime, follow my progress and experience here and on my IG account @thehealthylivingmanifesto

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